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Dear member,

Based on your reported sailing days and section 4.9 of the insurance terms, the invoice for the year 2017 using the final premiums/rates is forwarded.

If you have chosen to receive invoices by post, the invoices are attached to this letter. Do you receive your invoices by e-mail, the invoices are forwarded in a separate mail.

As previously announced, the Board has set the final insurance premium for 2017 at 10.00 DKK per day/man – the same as the account premium, see below table.

Product On account 2017 Final 2017
Work Injury 10.00 10.00
Work Injury, foreign-flagged ships 10.00 10.00
Personal property liability 0.10 0.10

The final contributions for 3rd parties per person/day in DKK appear from below table:

Abbreviation Product On account 2017 Final 2017
SSB Health insurance (international journeys) *2.01 3.37
KSE Compensation for war injuries 0.34 0.30
KSU Compensation for war injuries, foreign-flagged 0.60 0.51
VFA Welfare contribution, DIS 2.70 2.70
VFB Welfare contribution, DAS 1.40 1.40
SAM Health and safety contribution 3.32 3.32

*1st half of 2017: 2.47; 2nd half of 2017: 0.15. Average: 1.31 DKK per person/day.

As appears, there is an increase in the cost of the health insurance compared to the charged on account amount resulting in a final premium of 3.37 DKK per person/day. The reason is that the expenses for health insurance were higher than expected.

On the contrary, the contribution for war injuries, which is collected on behalf of Danish Shipping, is decreased, as it is not technically possible to collect 110.90 DKK/year and 186.00 DKK/year as an insurance year is 360 days.

Should there be any questions regarding the rates and/or the final invoice, please feel free to contact us at mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in July and when the summer vacation is over early August, also by phone +45 3313 8688.

Wishing you all a good summer……

Jacob Munch

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