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Dear Member,
The aim of UFDS is to be known for exquisite customer service. That is one of the top priorities of the strategy plan, on which the Board of UFDS decided in the month of August

The first steps have been taken. The ambitious enterprise calls for efforts on several levels – both large and small.

A more user-friendly homepage and frequent news mails have already been launched in order to strengthen the information to you as a member. But, according to Jacob Munch, CEO in UFDS, it takes more!

”It is vital, that our members know what UFDS represents and that UFDS knows its members in order to comply with their needs.”

Your inputs are essential!
Right now, we are focusing on your continuous experiences with our claim and policy process. Where have we excelled and where can we improve in the future? Those are the questions to which Jacob Munch would like answers:

”The continuous surveys are an important tool to learn of our member’s satisfaction and experiences immediately after they have been in contact with UFDS.”

We hope you will share your experiences with us, so we in the future can do our utmost to provide exquisite customer service.

Best regards,
Jacob Munch,

Interim report for 2018 is approved
Since last time the interim report of 2018 has been approved by the Board. The report describes the development and finances of UFDS for the first 6 months of 2018. You will find the report on our homepage here (Danish only).

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