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 Labour Market Insurance has now made decisions in the first cases regarding COVID-19 as an industrial injury.

The cases that concern exposure to the disease in connection with work have all been allowed.

As of 23 June, Labour Market Insurance had received 565 industrial injury claims related to COVID-19. The cases include both accidents at work and occupational diseases. The largest sector comprises employees engaged primarily in home-care services, hospitals, and nursing homes. This group accounts for 417 of the 565 cases.

Furthermore, 57 claims concerning public administration employees in the Danish defence and social security have been reported, while 91 of the cases relate to other sectors.

The cases concern 454 women and 111 men, and the two largest age groups are 47 to 56 years and 37 to 46 years, respectively.


Decisions in 18 cases

As of 23 June, Labour Market Insurance had made decisions in 18 cases, 10 of which were allowed, and 8 refused.

In addition to cases of COVID-19 infection, Labour Market Insurance continually receives claims concerning other diseases related to the pandemic. The eight cases refused do not concern a COVID-19 diagnosis, but other pandemic-related cases.

‘We are currently unaware of any claims among seafarers,’ says Frederik Nielsen, Legal Adviser at the Danish Shipowners’ Accident Insurance Association (UFDS).

He adds that essentially a claim should only be submitted to UFDS if the injury concerned is likely to result in permanent impairment or long-term absence.

‘Like other injuries and accidents, we can only send the claims to Labour Market Insurance if there is a likelihood of permanent injury, loss of earning capacity or long-term absence,’ says Frederik Nielsen.

Generally, an injury or accident must be reported through employers, but if, for various reasons, this is not done or is impossible, seafarers can personally contact UFDS or Labour Market Insurance directly.

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