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UFDS offers three main products to its members

1) Statutory industrial injury insurance, (product sheet)
2) Comparable industrial injury insurance for foreign-flagged ships, and (product sheet)
3) Personal property liability insurance (product sheet)

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Our products are competitively priced, and we specialise in maritime insurance.

Statutory industrial injury insurance

The insurance covers the policyholder for any obligation related to industrial accidents, etc, under the Danish Consolidated Workers’ Compensation Act.

In principle, the insurance covers persons employed by the shipowner to perform work on Danish-registered ships.

The insurance also covers personnel on courses, if it is in the employer’s interest that they take the course or other form of training. This means that course days must be included in the total number of sailing days reported for the ship. If a ship has many course days, we can draw up a separate policy exclusively for course activities.

The insurance does not cover personnel not under the captain’s command and not involved in ordinary ship operations, but, for example, have a special task to do (control measurements of engines).

The insurance covers travel connected with signing on and off DIS ships, but does not cover transport to and from the daily workplace. However, special cases may depend on a concrete assessment by the Labour Market Insurance.

Please note that every ship must be enrolled and have a separate policy before the insurance provides cover.

Insurance terms and conditions for statutory injury insurance

Foreign-flagged ships

UFDS can also offer industrial injury insurance on comparable terms for crews engaged on foreign-flagged ships associated with Danish shipping companies.

The calculation, collection and adjustment of premiums follow the same guidelines as those applicable to industrial injury insurance for crews on Danish vessels.

The ordinary insurance terms and conditions for industrial injury insurance apply plus a rider with special conditions stipulating that all compensation will be paid out as a lump sum.

Personal property liability insurance

Shipping companies can also take out liability insurance for personal property damage or loss with UFDS. This is an insurance under section 61 of the Danish Seafarers’ Conditions of Employment Act (Lov om søfarendes ansættelsesforhold) regarding liability to pay compensation. The insurance covers personal property lost or damaged on account of the wreck of a Danish-registered ship, piracy, fire or other loss affecting the ship. Loss or damage due to war or warlike conditions, however, is not covered. The amount of compensation corresponds to that laid down in the executive order issued by the Danish Maritime Authority regarding compensation for seafarers for property lost through shipwreck or other loss.

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