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Kia Sandorf Pluszek is a new member of the UFDS claims team.

Kia Sandorf Pluszek has joined the claims management team at UFDS. She has six years of experience from Sedgwick Denmark and looks forward to being able to follow a case from start to finish.

As of the beginning of February 2024, the claims management team at UFDS has been further strengthened with the addition of Kia Sandorf Pluszek, who has joined the team handling various cases with injured seafarers from our member companies.

But even though Kia Sandorf Pluszek is new to the UFDS team, she is far from new to the industry, having been with Sedgwick Denmark for just over six years. Here she works as a claims handler, which she now continues to do also under the auspices of UFDS.

»I will continue to work on some of the same types of cases I have now and help Tina and Frederik with the tasks they are dealing with. I've been handling self-insured clients in Sedgwick for quite a few years, so there are some things that are different, but I'm getting into it,« she says.

»I myself have expressed a wish to join the team here because I like the fact that you are involved in a case from the start, and then all the way to the end.«

Kia Sandorf Pluszek, claims handler, UFDS

To this end, Kia Sandorf Pluszek looks forward to helping the injured parties, and liaising with trade unions, shipping companies and other stakeholders. As far as seafarers are concerned, Kia will be in direct contact with clients during treatment, which she looks forward to.

»I myself have expressed a wish to join the team here because I like the fact that you are involved in a case from the start, i.e. from the time the injury is registered, and then all the way to the end. So far, I've mostly handled decisions, while someone else have set up the case, granted treatments and so on,« she explains.

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»In the UFDS, I can get my hands on all links in the chain, which is why I've asked to join the team here,« Kia Sandorf Pluszek adds.

As still quite new to the UFDS team, Kia is first and foremost looking forward to getting an overview of the new workflows and cases that await her. Although she has solid experience from her years at Sedgwick, she’s now looking into a different type of tasks and a broader palette of challenges.

»In that way, I feel a bit new-to-the-job, but it's also a lot of fun sometimes, especially when you don't start totally from scratch. And it's a cool team to be a part of, so I sense I'm going to learn a lot,« she says with a smile.

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