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The association has received all reports of sailing days for 2022, and the figures paint a positive picture of an industry that, not least on the passenger side, has put the corona era behind it.

With all reports in place, the Danish Shipowners’ Accident Insurance Association (UFDS) can take stock of the complete record of sailing days for the calendar year 2022, and the numbers are generally encouraging. Thus, we can attest to a rise in three out of four segments:

Number of men by hazard class 2022 2021 2020 2019
Goods 4.272 3.955 3.822 3.654
Offshore/service 1.305 1.485 1.461 1.767
Passengers 1.170 717 714 1.213
Tank 3.890 3.799 3.321 3.168
Total 12.659 11.977 11.337 11.821

The freight segment continues to advance with an increase of just over eight percent, while Offshore/service is the only segment that has declined slightly, not least due to a lower level of activity in the gas fields in the North Sea.

On the other hand, we are pleased to note that the passenger segment is back to pre-pandemic levels and subsequent lockdowns taking a toll on the industry with an increase of 63 percent. Finally, tank continue to increase by 2.3 percent compared to 2021.

In total, 2022 concludes with 12,659 sailing days, an increase of just under six percent.

»On behalf of the industry, I am very pleased to see that passenger traffic seems to have left Covid in its wake and vessels are being filled again. And of course, it is also reassuring to note that the goods and tank continue to grow,« UFDS CEO Jacob Munch comments.

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